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New iPhone Loan Search App!

Perform private loan searches, set a rate watch to monitor for a desired rate, or choose to receive your best rate via email every day.

LoanXEngine anonymously performs customized searches from participating lenders and over 4,000 loan products to deliver you the best advertised loan rates available for your loan profile. Control how many loan quotes you want to view, and search as often as you like. No one will contact you. When you are ready, choose one or more products by clicking 'contact me' and only then will you receive a call from your selected lender(s).

If you have a specific target rate in mind, activate Rate Watch to have the system monitor for your target rate. You will receive an email when that rate becomes available. If you want to receive an email each day with the best advertised loan rate for your profile, simply turn on the Daily Rate Report.


  • Anonymously search over 4000 advertised loan products
  • Control the number of results you want to display
  • Enable Rate Watch to check for your desired rate
  • Enable Daily Rate Report to receive your best rate via email
  • One click to contact the lender(s) of your choice
  • Low Introductory Price
  • Private and Easy to use


  • U.S. Residential Loan Mortgages
  • U.S. states, except KS, NH, MS, MT


  • iPhone or iPod Touch OS 3.0+
If you are in the market to purchase or refinance your home loan, this app is a must. Download and use LoanXEngine to get the best, most up-to-date rates from leading lenders BEFORE you decide to buy or refi. You will be glad you did.

*Please note: The LoanXEngine app service is not currently available in the following states: AZ, GA, KS, NH, MS, MT

Patents Pending.

version 1.0

Additional Information

Assumptions: The advertised rate quotes in your LoanXEngine iPhone App makes assumptions in addition to the information you provide on the loan criteria tab. For example, price quotes assume the borrower provides Full Documentation, is currently Employed W-2, is a US Citizen, is not waiving Escrow Fees, has never had a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Mortgage Late, and has a low Debt to Income ratio. Other assumptions may also factor into quotes.

Tips for getting the most out of your LoanXEngine iPhone app:

Requesting a Quote: Enter your profile information in the 'Loan Criteria' tab, click on the 'Loans' tab and hit the reprice button. You can reprice as often as you want with complete privacy and loan rates may fluctuate as many as four times a day. No one will contact you until you select a lender product.

Timeout: Your iPhone App communicates with a networks of computers and performs thousands of calculations to provide you with targeted advertised rates quotes. If you are timing out, please reduce the number of products to be returned. Also, network speed plays a factor, with Edge the slowest, 3G next and wireless the best. Please connect with the quickest available network.

No Loan Products Returned: If no products were returned, either the service was unreachable or no qualifying loan products were found. Qualification guidelines have grown more restrictive in recent years. Try reducing your Loan Amount to approximately 80% or less of the home price/value, selecting common loan products and improve the self-reported credit score.

Selecting a Lender: The LoanXEngine iPhone App does not share your personal information until you select a specific product and request to be contacted. When you find a product you like, go to the detail view of the product you are interested in, and click on the 'Contact Me' button. A page will display for you to confirm your personal information. At this time, information will ONLY be sent to the selected lender. If you want multiple lenders to contact you, please click on the 'Contact Me' button in each desired loan quote.

Watching for a Target Rate: If you are looking for a specific target rate, your LoanXEngine iPhone app will monitor rates and notify you via email when that rate is available. To use this monitoring and notification service you will need to turn the 'Watch Rates' field to 'Yes', enter your desired rate in the 'Target Rate' field and perform a loan search. This will set your rate watch. If you want to modify the rate at any time, change the 'Target Rate' and perform a loan search. To turn off monitoring, set the 'Watch Rate' field to 'No' and perform a loan search.

Daily Rate Emails: You can have your LoanXEngine iPhone App send you a daily email with the best rate of the day. To have this daily email sent, set the 'Send Daily Rate' field to 'Yes' and perform a loan search.

Unavailable States: We expect to offer the iPhone LoanXEngine App in all fifty states shortly, but are currently not offering the service in the following states: AZ, GA, NH, KS, MT, MI

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