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LoanXEngine Features

There are many features beyond those listed below. To set up a demo, please contact us.

Category Feature
Eligibity and Pricing: Managed Pricing
Eligibility Engine
Non-qualifying product/reason
Full Pricing Engine
Profitability Inclusion
Fully Automated Bidding
Best Execution
Lead Repricing
Saved Scenarios
Upload Documents
Rate Watch
Daily Rate Report
On-the-fly profitability changes
Self-definable Investor
Pre-processing Overrides Engine
Retail or Banking configurations
Fully automated bidding
Ratesheet Generator
Lead Management: Loan Officer Quotas
Alert Notification
Lead Source Integration
Intelligent Rules Routing
Definable Groups
Assignment Algorithm Selection
Lead Profiling
Automatic Reassigning
First Access Tracking
Funding Tracking
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Automated Bidding Offer Email
Custom Workflow/Statuses
Profile and Status-based Tasks
Profile and Status-based Emails
Email Drip Campaigns
Print Campaigns
Email Tracker
Schedule Callback Link
Ad Hoc Emails
Daily Rate Reporter
History and Status Tracking
Document Upload
Task and Emails Rules Engine
Agent Referral Integration
Third-Party Integration: Export/Import Fannie 3.2>LOS
32+ Lead Source Integrations
3rd Party XML Export
220 Marketing
Business Reporting: Conversion
Task Completion Tracking
Lead Source and LO Performance
Transaction Performance
Web Point of Sale: Multiple partner website component
Short Lead Form
Mini-1003 Lead Form
Instant Autobid Offer
Opt-in Online Lock Request
Hosting Options: Outsourced hosting
Local In-house hosting
System Notes: Independent Application Server
5 to Unlimited Users
Non-sahred Managed Investors
Unlmited Branches
Flexible Configurations
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