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LoanXEngine Benefits

By managing all lead sources and campaigns centrally, and by automating best execution pricing from all lead sources, LoanXEngine provides an extremely powerful value proposition. LoanXEngine generates more customers and larger margins while lowering the cost of business. Since LoanXEngine is in-house software, it also hands power back to the mortgage broker and banker who can maintain direct control of their business, their campaigns and critical customer data instead of being locked in to a 3rd party service.

With LoanXEngine, your business will:
  • Offer the best execution loan price
  • Win competitive business
  • Make more money per loan
  • Increase lead volume, conversion rates and income with existing staff
  • Increase per loan profitability
  • Increase speed and quality of service to your clients
  • Eliminate pricing errors and margin erosion
  • Improve productivity and automate business processes
  • Automatically convert leads to sales without a single person involved (.lights-out. lending)
  • Offer customers pricing transparency and 'self-service' pricing on their website.
  • Provide lockable pricing quotes with no bait and switch
  • Have 100% control over pricing software and all critical customer data
  • No longer be 'locked-in' to any 3rd party service for loan pricing or lead management
The business impact of LoanXEngine for mortgage brokers and banks is unquestionable. The ROI is significant and the total cost of ownership makes LoanXEngine a cost effective solution for any moderately-sized to large mortgage broker or bank to bring completely in-house. LoanXEngine customers have experienced tremendous benefits. They are converting customers at a higher rate, enhancing their reputations and gaining more control.

Consider what our clients have said about LoanXEngine:

"We doubled our closings and tripled our profit in the first month."
-- Bryan Stone, VP MortgageNow

"We went from zero to $25 million, to $35 million in 2 months" (Oct-Nov '07)
-- Dimitry Godin, CEO Interbank Mortgage

Here are a few questions to consider while evaluating LoanXEngine:
  • How much more money could you make if your LOs could offer the lowest fully qualified, fully adjusted price to your customers in seconds, and re-price different scenarios on-the-fly.
  • What if you could offer the lowest priced loan to the customer with the highest possible margin for you?
  • How much more money would you make if you made even 1/8 more per loan?
  • How much more money would you make if you could eliminate pricing errors and margin erosion?
  • What if you could bid hundreds of leads and win business automatically?
  • How much more money could you make if your loan officers didn't need to spend time on working leads, but on servicing customers?
  • How much more could you make if you could hire customer service people instead of high priced loan officers?
  • What if you could aggregate your all you're best pricing from all your lenders and generate your own company rate sheets?
  • What if you had total control over your pricing and your data?
  • What if you had a pricing engine with workflow and alert notifications that seamlessly integrated with an online lock desk and 3rd party LOS systems.
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