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LoanXEngine Product Suite

For Consumers

ALL NEW! LoanXEngine iPhone App
Perform private loan searches, set a rate watch to monitor for a desired rate, or choose to receive your best rate via email every day. LoanXEngine anonymously performs customized searches from participating lenders and over 4,000 loan products to deliver you the best advertised loan rates available for your loan profile. Control how many loan quotes you want to view, and search as often as you like. No one will contact you. When you are ready, choose one or more products by clicking 'contact me' and only then will you receive a call from your selected lender(s).
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For Mortgage Professionals

All LoanXEngine product editions inlcude PPE, CRM and LMS features.
Leading edge capabilities include:
  • Automated Eligibilty and Pricing (PPE)
  • Robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Automated Lead Distribution and Management (LMS)
  • Website Point-of-Sale with Instant Offers (POS)
  • Rate Watch and Daily Rate Reports
  • Managed Lenders
  • Ratesheet Generation
  • LOS and 3rd Party Integration
Unused or undesired features can be easily turned off by modifying configuration settings.
LoanXEngine Product Editions
LoanXEngine supports all organizations of varying lender needs and sizes. Product editions also offer configuration options specifically for retail, wholesale banking, online and traditional use. LoanXEngine is web-based and additionally supports mobile Pocket PC and iPhone browsers.

LoanXEngine Standard
Standard Edition is a fully-featured lead management, customer relationship management and automatic bidding platform. This edition is designed for companies with thirty or larger loan officers, minor branching operations, or companies who wish to have a unified lead management, pricing, and customer relationship management (CRM) system for every lead source and every aspect of the sales process. LoanXEngine Standard boasts of a robust eligibility and pricing engine, re-pricing capability, Fannie Mae 3.2 import and export, multiple lead source management, managed lenders, rate watch, daily rate reporting and a full CRM system that includes custom workflows, tasks, drip and push email campaigns, and an email tracker. Standard Edition is a robust, dedicated LoanXEngine server that can be hosted internally or in a lender’s datacenter. Standard Edition can optionally support instant point-of-sale offers on any company or partner website with LoanXWeb. Standard Edition can be configured for retail or banking operations with ease.

LoanXEngine Enterprise
The Enterprise Edition is geared for lenders who require unlimited users, numerous independent net branches, large number of loan officers or have complex needs. Enterprise Edition offers multiple LoanXEngine servers that can exist in a single hosting environment or be scattered across the United States. Enterprise Edition features LoanXTraffic Cop which intelligently routes leads to different application servers based on rankings and rules defined by a lender’s corporate headquarters. Investor guideline and pricing data can be centrally managed and replicated across multiple servers using LoanXEngine’s PriceMaster and LoanXClientSync technologies. Multiple website points-of-sale options are also available for Enterprise Edition.

LoanXWeb Point-of-Sale
Our LoanXWeb Component allows you to turn your website and your partner websites into a dynamic 24x7 instant offer system that provides the next closest thing to a true shopping experience, while also intelligently assigning loan officers, generating emails, finding best execution pricing and spawning tasks. Leverage all your existing Realtor relationships, employee partners, other webistes and partner companies. Offer your partners the ability to embed the LoanXWeb instant offer components on their websites and have those leads come straight to you, and be automatically assigned, routed, priced and generate high-touch communication emails straight to the borrower.

LoanXEngine creates a competitive advantage, allows brokers and banks to win more business, increase volume, make more money per loan, eliminate pricing errors and improve conversion rates.

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