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goodmortgage.com Makes Gains in Tight Market

With LoanXEngine, goodmortgage.com solves problems and increases business.

DENVER - Despite a challenging market, goodmortgage.com attributes business gains and better management to LoanXEngine's pricing and CRM software.

Initially, goodmortgage.com selected LoanXEngine to solve a number of specific business problems. They were looking for automated lead distribution, customer relationship management, a pricing engine to avoid mistakes, and a reporting tool to provide rich business analytics. They scoured all available solutions and found only one system that could fit all their needs. Keith Luedeman, CEO of goodmortgage.com said, "There were pieces of what we were looking for in different solutions, but no system except LoanXEngine could do it all." They also liked that LoanXEngine was web-based and didn't require the installation of "any additional software on client systems," Luedeman said.

goodmortgage.com implemented LoanXEngine and quickly realized tremendous benefits. LoanXEngine receives leads from multiple loan sources, automatically makes a loan officer assignment, finds best execution pricing, spawns tasks and starts focused email campaigns and it all happens within seconds of receiving the lead. Loan officers manage their pipelines and work their leads in LoanXEngine. With a click, the loan officers export all information to their LOS once a lead is ready for processing.

In listing the benefits, Luedeman explains "we have one system for all leads, which allows us to be significantly more responsive to our customer, avoid costly pricing mistakes and operate at a higher level of efficiency." But Luedeman believes the real benefit of the system is the insight it provides to him as a business owner. "The reports that LoanXEngine provides tells me what is working, and what is not. I can track the lead sources, the Loan Officers and manage my operation through the software to maximize success. It has stopped me from wasting money on poor performing loan officers and lead sources." As a result, goodmortgage.com continues to experience rising close rates and is winning more business despite a tightening market.

Luedeman and the team at goodmortgage.com have more plans on using LoanXEngine to further their business goals. "Now that we've used the system for awhile, we can see other ways to leverage its ability and we have ideas for additional business reports that would even add more value."

Alan Johnson, President of LXE Software, the maker of LoanXEngine, is pleased with goodmortgage.com's success. "We were happy to partner with goodmortgage.com," said Johnson. "We look forward to working with them further to enhance the software and achieve their business goals."

Released three years ago, LoanXEngine continues to attract leading mortgage companies. LoanXEngine automatically selects the best fit, fully-adjusted pricing from prime and subprime programs in seconds. The web-based software generates ratesheets, sends emails, creates tasks and spawns alerts to help Loan Officers manage pipelines. LoanXEngine works as a fully-featured application or as a XML web service, allowing information to seamlessly move between lead sources, CRMs, processing systems and workflows.

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