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LoanXEngine Introduces Major Product Editions

In a major technology release, LXE Software introduces Three Product Editions and Extensions to support firms of all sizes and needs.

DENVER - LXE Software Inc., a leading provider of CRM, eligibility, pricing and lead management technology introduced new technologies and three product editions to meet the needs of mortgage firms of all sizes.

LXE Software has released LoanXEngine Enterprise, LoanXEngine Standard and LoanXEngine Lite editions. The firm has also released new extensions and technology to support the various editions including LoanXWeb, LoanXWeb Multi-Partner, LXETrafficCop and LoanXWebService. Alan Johnson, President of LXE Software, said, "These releases mark a tremendous opportunity for firms to take advantage of the most advanced and integrated solutions available today. There are a number of unique capabilities and we hope mortgage firms of all shapes and sizes take the time to preview this exciting new technology."

LoanXEngine Standard Edition is the core product offering that is a 3-in-1 system for Lead management, pricing and CRM. Standard Edition offers intelligent handling and assignment of all leads, instant eligibility and pricing and robust CRM capabilities. Standard Edition is a dedicated LoanXEngine web application server capable of handling from 10 to 300 loan officers, processing leads from over 20 different lead source firms and auto-pricing over 40,000 leads a month. There are many targeted features for brokers, wholesalers and bankers such as rate sheet generation, banker products, hidden margins and custom workflows. This edition can be hosted internally or within LoanXEngine datacenter facilities. Customers have options to self-manage lender data or have the LoanXEngine staff manage lenders, guidelines and pricing. Customers can also extend Standard Edition to support instant offer pricing on a company website with LoanXWeb, or any number of partner sites such as Realtors, employer partners and other websites with LoanXWeb Multi-Partner.

LoanXEngine Enterprise was designed with the largest firms, net branch operations and lead source providers in mind. Enterprise Edition allows for multiple LoanXEngine applications servers that can exist in a single datacenter or be peppered across the United States. Enterprise Edition features the new LoanXTrafficCop technology that intelligently routes leads to different LoanXEngine applications based on rankings and rules defined by the central corporation. Even with an enormous loan operation, pricing and guideline data can be centrally managed and distributed to the multiple LoanXEngines using LoanXWebService, another major technology released with the Enterprise Edition. Like Standard Edition, the LoanXWeb and LoanXWeb Multi-Partner extensions are also available extensions for Enterprise Edition. This Edition can support an unlimited number of users, offices and locations, and auto-price hundreds of thousands of leads each month.

LoanXEngine Lite was designed for small firms and individuals. This Edition includes a semi-dedicated shared LoanXEngine application server. The Lite Edition offers the same robust eligibility and pricing engine as our Standard and Enterprise editions with standard workflows and CRM options for task and email management. The Lite Edition includes broker level pricing for most major lenders and hundreds of configured products.

LoanXEngine Extensions are available for Standard and Enterprise Editions. LoanXWeb and LoanXWeb Multi-Parter can turn a static 'take an app' website presence into the next closest thing to a true mortgage shopping experience. With LoanXWeb and LoanXEngine a website can become a dynamic 24x7 instant offer system that also intelligently assigning loan officers, generates emails, finds best execution pricing and spawns tasks. LoanXWeb can be set-up for retail self-service or wholesale pricing operations.

While LoanXWeb enables a single website to connect into LoanXEngine, the Multi-Partner Extension allows customers to leverage all of their existing Realtor relationships, employer partners, loan officer websites and other and partner companies. Multi-Partner allows other websites and firms to embed the LoanXWeb instant offer components and have those leads come straight into a LoanXEngine Standard or Enterprise Edition, be automatically routed, assigned, priced and generate high-touch communication emails straight back to the borrower. "By pushing qualification and pricing forward to the point of sale - and leveraging all the traditional mortgage relationships and websites - our customers can offer a unique value proposition for the borrower and will be more likely to capture web-based business," said Alan Johnson.

Praise for LoanXEngine technology from current customer has been glowing. A week after rolling out LoanXEngine, Jim Melchior Vice President at First Liberty Financial reported, "Our loan officers love it. I just had a relatively new loan officer come into my office and say 'I love LoanX, and after the automated marketing had four customers return docs for pre-approval.' He had not talked to two of them, they just responded to our emails." During the next six months, the results continued. Jim said, "In six months, we've gained so much additional business that we've experienced a 35 percent growth in headcount and an even larger growth in volume," adding, "there's no way we would have been able to accomplish this without LoanXEngine."

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