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Proximity technology is another major curve jump, with the Internet or targeted content now delivered to you based upon exactly where you are. Whether you are a real estate agent moving beacons from house to house, or a sales person moving beacons among inventory, or a museum curator or educator, or an operations expert with industrial needs, delivering targeted content enables you to create magic.

We've done the hard work for you! PlaceConnect is a complete turn-key solution that puts proximity technology into the hands of anyone and everyone, not just programmers. Use PlaceConnect to create and manage the proximity experience for all ibeacons, whether they are PlaceBeacons or beacons from other companies. Use our free PlaceApp on iOS or Android to deliver your experience.

PlaceConnect will allow you to deliver existing mobile designed websites, or author your own content. You can manage locations, beacons, notifications, points of interest, welcome content and deep links. With language, age, audience, role/member filtering, you can easily serve rich targetted content and change it anytime. Any level of information depth is available to use, including custom text, urls, images, audio and video.

With a recent focus on education, we have launched a PlaceConnect program for education. If you are involved in K-12, university, STEM, schools for visually impaired, autism, a student or just someone who wants to donate technology for the classroom, please see our PlaceConnect for Education page.

There are three different PlaceConnect Editions for different feature requirements. PlaceConnect Entry is our a best value starter edition to get you going in the beacon economy, and send users within range to your website. There is PlaceConnect Standard that provides incredible content granularity and targeting capabilities. PlaceConnect Enterprise offers premium analytics, so you can further understand your audience, flow patterns, dwell time patterns and segment reports by demographic context.

PlaceConnect Editions

Value Starter

Robust Control

Enterprise Level

Alert Notifications
Welcome Content
Points of Interest (POIs)
Emergency Egress
Thumbnail Beacon Image
Device Preview
Execute Action URL
Content Scheduling
Age and Gender Content
Role/Member/Job Content
Picklist Selection Filters
Secure/Unlocking Content
HTML-based Templates
Simultaneous Audio
Auto-play Audio and Video
Select Styles
Device Tracking
Analytic Reports
Raw Data Export
per beacon
per beacon
per beacon

 All PlaceConnect Editions are world-class solutions that are:

  • Global
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Cloud-Based
  • Web Accessible
  • Private Client Instance
  • No Programming

 All PlaceConnect Editions support ALL iBeacons including:

  • PlaceBeacons
  • Estimote
  • Estimote Nearables
  • BitnPulse
  • BKON
  • BlueCats
  • Kontakt
  • Meraki
  • Minew
  • Onyx
  • Radius
  • Sensoro
  • And more -- any beacon supporting Apple's iBeacon technology

PlaceConnect's free companion, the PlaceApp iBeacon browser, enables any content creator the ability to offer a complete Beacon solution without programming.

PlaceApp, PlaceBeacons and PlaceConnect: The Internet Delivered℠

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