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PPE, CRM, Lead Management solution for bankers, brokers and loan officers.


Examine LoanXEngine's Robust Functionality

Category Features
Rules Engines, AI & Flexibilites Every variables available for rules engines
Eligibiity Rules Engine
Pricing Rules Engine
Overrides (flexible variable rewrite) Rules Engine
Markups & Margin Rules Engine
LLPA/Custom Adjustment Rules Engine
Assignment/Lead Distribution Rules Engine
Automatic Reassignment Rules Engine
Drip Emails and Task Spawning Rules Engine
Over 600 settings to control interface, functionality and defaults
Product and Pricing 100% Managed Pricing for Lead, Locks & Hedge
100% Managed Product Eligibility
Thousands of Products
Simultaneous Multi-Term and Multi-Product Comparison
Current vs. Historic Comparison & Recommits
Dynamic Margin Managment
Lock Desk & Post Lock Management
Open API for 3rd parties integration
Loan Rate 'Watch' Monitoring & Notification
Live Rate Emails for prospects
Ratesheet Generator
Lock vs. Current Rate Hedge Reporting
Retail, Broker and Banking Configurations
Automated pricing for online, Zillow, Lendingtree, etc.
Up to 11 rate options per product
Workflow Automation
& Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Email Drip Campaigns
Auto-Dialer, Dialer & SMS integrations
Loan-specific Daily Rate Emails
Workflow Automation: Loan Officer & Borrower Task Generation
Rate Data included Offer Emails
Custom Workflow/Statuses
Profile and Status-based Tasks
Email 'Read' Tracker (spy tracking)
Monitoring for Target Rates
Schedule Callback Link
Pick-and-Send Emails
History and Status Tracking
Document Upload/td>
Sharktank Loan Pools
Lead Management Loan Officer Quotas
Multiple Assignment Algorithm methods
Intelligent Rules Routing
Initial and Ongoing Work Access Tracking
40+ Online Lead Source Integrations
Definable Groups, Teams, Branches
Lead Profiling
Alert Notification
Rules-driven Automatic Reassignment
Funding Tracking
APIs Full Control Black-Box Gateway
Best Execution Search Result API
Status Events and Communication Trigger API
Complete Rate Search Results API
Workflow Activities Automation API
LOS integration API
Lock Managment API
Loan Pipeline API
Remote System Query, Opt Out and Update API
Business Reporting Over 50 different pre-defined Reports for deep analysis
Conversion Reports
Task Completion Tracking
Lead Source and LO Performance
Transaction Performance
Hosting and System Options Cloud-based AWS hosting
SaaS Hosting
Self-Hosted Colocation
Independent Application Server and Database
5 User to Unlimited User Systems
Private Managed Investors
Flexible Configurations

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