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Beacons are location/proximity detection technology that allows your mobile devices to 'know' when you are near a beacon. A beacon is basically a hidden low frequency bluetooth chip, and when your phone encounters one that you are interested in, it can automatically wake your device up, display information, gather data, take actions and present the user with a truly magical experience.

These little hardware devices, with PlaceApp and PlaceConnect, and you have a turn-key solution for your customers, visitors and employees. You can change your industry, help your valued clients, customers and employees and improve your analysis and understanding. The ramifications of Beacons to change our lives in positive ways are tremendous.

With your turn-key PlaceConnect licenses, you may decide you want to purchase PlaceBeacons from us, or BYOB (bring your own beacon). We support all manufacturers' who make beacons that support the iBeacon specification. This means you can select other popular beacon manufacturers, like Estimote and others if you desire.

PlaceBeacon Availability

New Beacons are coming on the market and improving rapidly. As a result, we continue to move with the market and are pleased to be offering the best beacons on the available. These beacons support Apple's iBeacon proximity technology and pictures can be seen to the right.

Indoor/Outdoor Solar Beacons. These indoor/outdoor solar beacons eliminate the need for batteries. These beacons solve the major issues with managing large beacon networks, having to maintain the battery. These beacons default pulse every 900ms and will operated in as little light as 200 lux (basically a dim light). Pre-order these revolutionary new beacons by contacting us directly through our 'Contact us' page.

AA Battery Beacons. Powered by 2 AA batteries and pulsing every half second, these beacons last longer than any other 'battery' beacon on the market and have a sizable antenna for long distances. These large beacons powered are designed for long life and low cost of battery replacement. These are significantly better than any coin operated beacons on the market, and less cost to maintain for low total cost of ownership. Available in white, these beacons measure 72 x 45 x 22mm within their plastic housing. These beacons also feature a waterproofing o-ring and replaceable back plane to allow beacons to be screwed into place.


Third-party Beacons
Supports ALL iBeacons including:

  • PlaceBeacons
  • Estimote
  • Estimote Nearables
  • BitnPulse
  • BKON
  • BlueCats
  • Kontakt
  • Meraki
  • Minew
  • Onyx
  • Radius
  • Sensoro
  • And more -- any beacon supporting Apple's iBeacon technology

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Indoor/Outdoor Solar Beacons

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