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Our client partners are leading mortgage brokers and banks.

"We doubled our closings and tripled our profit in the first month."
-- Bryan Stone, VP MortgageNow

"We went from zero to $25 million, to $35 million in 2 months" (Oct-Nov '07)
-- Dimitry Godin, CEO Interbank Mortgage

Case Study: First Liberty Leapfrogs Competition
"Our loan officers love it. I just had a relatively new loan officer come into my office and say 'I love loanX after the automated marketing had four customers return docs for pre-approval.' He had not talked to two of them, they just responded to our emails."
-- Jim Melchior, VP First Liberty

Case Study: goodmortgage.com Makes Gains in Tight Market

"We have one system for all leads, which allows us to be significantly more responsive to our customer, avoid costly pricing mistakes and operate at a higher level of efficiency."
-- Keith Luedeman, CEO goodmortgage.com

Case Study: Wyndham Implements Pricing, CRM and Online Lead Sources

"This is the way I wish all implementations would go. The folks at LoanXEngine were great. They were always there when we needed them, and the system worked as advertised."
-- Jeff Douglas, CEO Wyndham Capital

"We reviewed several different pricing automation products, looking for consistent pricing, the flexibility to make quick modifications and the control to set-up our own program rules and adjustments. The sophisticated capacity of the product clearly made LoanXEngine the best choice for our needs."
-- Todd Henderson, Founder Pinnacle Mortgage

"We were most impressed by the flexibility and accuracy of LoanXEngine's best execution pricing and for its ability to auto-price leads from LendingTree."
-- David Black, President First New England Mortgage

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