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"We doubled our closings and tripled our profit in the first month."
—Bryan Stone, VP MortgageNow
"We went from zero to $25 million, to $35 million in 2 months" (Oct-Nov '07)
—Dimitry Godin, CEO Interbank Mortgage
"Our Margins per loan are at an all-time record."
—Mitch Greenberg, Ops Mgr 1st New England Mortgage
"We implemented LoanXEngine and it changed our business. We now have fewer errors, more competitive pricing and are winning more business. LoanXEngine has become more important than our LOS software."
—Mike Burns, Internet Division Manager, Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation
"In six months, we've gained so much additional business that we've experienced a 35% growth in headcount and an even larger growth in volume. There's no way we would have been able to accomplish this without LoanXEngine."
—Jim Melchior, Vice President First Liberty
"The reports that LoanXEngine provides tells me what is working, and what is not. I can track the lead sources, the Loan Officers and manage my operation through the software to maximize success. It has stopped me from wasting money on poor performing loan officers and lead sources."
—Keith Luedeman, CEO of goodmortgage.com
"This is the way I wish all implementations would go."
—Jeff Douglas, CEO Wyndham Capital
"We wanted the tightest possible pricing and preferred the flexibility and control LoanXEngine offers."
—Len Lipsky, Mortgage Strategies Group
"We were most impressed by the flexibility and accuracy of the pricing engine."
—David Black, CEO 1st New England
"There were pieces of what we were looking for in different solutions, but no system except LoanXEngine could do it all."
—Keith Luedeman, CEO of goodmortgage.com
"We've had great success with LoanXEngine as a pricing platform, but the auto-bid features have revolutionized operations. We now auto-price leads and have Loan Officers working calls, not on bidding leads."
—Mike Burns, Internet Division Manager, Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation
"Our loan officers love it. I just had a relatively new loan officer come into my office and say 'I love loanX after the automated marketing had four customers return docs for pre-approval.' He had not talked to two of them, they just responded to our emails."
—Jim Melchior, Vice President First Liberty
"After implementing LoanXEngine, customers were calling us before we even got around to calling them, and that'd never happened before."
—Mitch Greenberg, First New England Mortgage
"The folks at LoanXEngine were great. They were there when we needed them and the system worked as advertised."
—Jeff Douglas, Wyndham Capital
"When you have an issue, you can correct it yourself in minutes. no waiting for a third-party service."
—Mark Skinner, Mortgage Strategies
"We are excited about being able to bid, auto-bid, re-price and manage leads all from multiple lead sources in one centralized lead management solution -- and we expect the new pricing and lead management features to further elevate our conversion rates."
—Mike Burns, Internet Division Manager, Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation
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