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About LoanXEngine

Makers of the LoanXEngine Suite and LoanXWeb POS software

LoanXEngine by Mortgage Builder, An Altisource Business Unit is focused on the residential mortgage industry. The company's founders initially helped develop HomeSpace.com, which was purchased by LendingTree in August 2000. Afterward, the concepts for LoanXEngine grew out of a desire to create a new type of best execution pricing engine that would solve a number of fundamental problems experienced by brokers and bankers, and had the potential for wider-ranging impact on the mortgage industry. The founders leveraged their previous experience and developed a new web-based pricing product that would allow for continued competitive segmentation and could be sold as software rather than a single monolithic service. They also formulated new business strategies on how this product could be leveraged for future category-killing potential, especially as a multi-channel automated 'blackbox' lending and lead CRM solution.

Our software products are designed to raise companies to the next level and generate competitive advantages. Your satisfaction and success with LoanXEngine is our satisfaction and success.

LoanXEngine is built and supported in the USA.
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